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Have you already done a financial feasibility assessment for your divorce? Once we meet, we will plan early financial steps that will allow you to get the maximum you deserve

So why choose us?

When you place your divorce representation in our hands, your best interest will become our project!

So why choose us?

We are experienced and understand complex economic models and we will do everything to prevent you from being financially harmed as a result of the divorce process. Case by case. What worked in one case may be considered a mistake in another.
We identify in advance possible legal moves and produce various claims from different angles and directions. Thus, manage to surprise the other party and also manage to bring a creative solution to the legal dispute and end it quickly and to your satisfaction.
After 20 years in the field of family law, we are familiar with the relevant laws, but beyond that, we know how to “stretch” the boundaries of the laws interpretation.
We examine together with the client his marital life, his emotional state, his financial situation and his relationships with his children, and help him define the desired outcome for him.
Divorce of a self-employed person is not identical to those of an employee!

Self-employed or those who are married to self-employed, know that there are many other economic issues which require addressing such as: division of business property, reputation value, taxation, investments and liabilities, Maintaining your position as a share-holder, pension, family company, options, stocks and more.

Although your marriage is coming to an end, that does not necessarily mean you should lose your business too!


Who do you think will get you more, a militant attorney or a strategic attorney?

Some people think that a lawyer who looks and sounds belligerent, will get a better divorce agreement. In practice, this is not what happens, and do not let appearances confuse you. Strategically, I convey calmness and relaxation, and sometimes that’s all it takes to get the max. My indicator which tells me whether I have achieved the right thing for my customers or not, is the feedback from the customers themselves. When necessary, I know how to fight in a precise manner and with the right tactics per case.

During the married life the value of common property is accrued. Even if the situation is such that there is a residential apartment, a car and two bank accounts, there is certainly a chance not to take into account components such as social rights, pensions, business reputation, inheritances, alimony – and together, it accumulates to a large sum of money. While the dry law speaks of a 50%-50% distribution, planning early economic measures will allow you to get the maximum you deserve without living in economic fear and survival thoughts.

In a counseling session

I will introduce you to the options available to you And their meanings and of course I will answer the questions:

Is it right to leave home and what are your rights in the property?

What are the rights of your spouse in your business?

How to maintain your pension rights?

How to deal with the incitement of children?

Where is the best place for you to file for divorce?

How much alimony will you have to pay or receive?

How to create financial security during and after divorce?